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World Plastic Baby Bath Tub Set 5 Piece


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    World Plastic Baby Bath Tub Set 5 Piece

    Product consists of 5. Easy to use and ergonomic.
    BPA free. Harmful to health matter.

    Package Includes:
    Baby Wash Tub
    • Ergonomic design your baby easily yıkamanızı sağlar
    • Baby Bath küvetinin edges to keep as facilitator and slipping out of your hand anti-designed.
    • Baby Bath küvetinin foot edge for soap and şampuanlarınıza easily ulaşabilmeniz special compartments are.

    Baby Washing Apparatus
    • Apparatus into the tub placing your baby more easy yıkamanızı sağlar
    • Sucker feet through other bathtubs also allows you to use easily
    Can be used as • high chair.

    Baby Bucket
    • Your Baby washing water move easily and make it easy to adjust the temperature.

    Baby Maşrapa
    • Your Baby when washing corrugated mouth through washing water easily and carefully allows you to use

    Baby Comfort Potty
    • Oturağın located under slip-resistant fasteners thanks to prevent slipping
    • Backed structure bebeğiniz can sit alone.
    • Clamshell and movable bucket can be cleaned easily.

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