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Unisex Children Pool Sea The intra-footpad


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    Place on wet surfaces grip dedicated base
    Kumda heat transmission preventing protection
    Breathable and quick-drying fabric
    Lightweight, flexible and very comfortable
    Ease of removal of wearing
    Slipstop’u in the pool, sea, beach, on the boat, surf board, at home, bathroom, you can use it safely in gymnasiums.
    All age groups in view of comfort designed Slipstop flexible fabric structure of foot movement while providing at the same time barefoot yürürmüşcesine mobility sağlar.
    Slipstop just like a sock with ease wearing removable.
    Water on all aktivitelerde standing something yokmuşcasına comfortable movement.
    Fronting indoor slippers and swimming paletlerinin into wearable.
    From this product more than 10 pcs order can be given. 10 images on orders Trendyol reserve the right to cancel.
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