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Piranha Action Camera 1125 Action Cam Hd 1080 Full Hd 12MP


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    Piranha Action Camera 1125 Action Cam Hd 1080 Full Hd 12MP
    PİRANHA 1125 ACTION CAMERA HD 12 MP WATERPROOF. AyrıntılarPiranha Action Camera 12 Mp Hd Video Recording Waterproof Case Piranha Action Camera 12 Mp Hd Video Recording Water waterproof Case product, action to be used during spliced features high-quality video and photo recording, taking you wish to share with people who disposes. An action camera should have all the features in hosting the Piranha Action Camera, ideal in size and weight when in use with the best action camera to get experience. The product is with has to offer functional apparatus and cases action camcorder sporting activities as well as the car or motorcycle vehicles travel ederken can ensure your safety as vehicles on behalf of also can easily use. Piranha Action Camera 12 Mp Hd Video Recording Waterproof Case product, bicycle gezintilerinizden underwater dalışlarınıza, nature yürüyüşlerinizden ski or surfing tracks so many different event, motion halindeki renderings fluently recorded little room for you. The product provides functionality, high quality image, wide lens angle and long time recording many others like especially combine all worth a visit moments ölümsüzleştirmenizi. High Quality and Fluent Görüntüler720p and 1080p video grades video recording allows you to buy product to achieve extremely vivid and clear images. Image qualities arasında user choice chance of making that Piranha Action Camera, storage area more effective form of review possible kılıyor.12 MP quality photos çekebilmenizi ensure product, action moments high quality hard the dönüştürmenize. In 70 degree lens angle, to seize the details ll need to follow the angle. Located in motion sensor, action during the titremeleri, by minimizing Even the smoothest of tempo and action highest faring moments to buy records which allows the tanıyor.10 meters deep water resistant case thanks product water six recordings to perform in smoothly. You receive with easy and Functional Use Özellikleri2.0 inch LCD screen records is able to control as instant and device yönetebiliyorsunuz. Audio video recording feature with product, saved cherishing sounds at dinleyip, Paylaşabilmenizi. In micro SD card support through storage konusunda trouble, without suffering all action moments easily save. You can use memory cards with different storage capacities. High capacity lithium polymer battery offers 2 hours use time through continuous for long periods with action camera can record. USB cable can transfer all your records with easy and fast form other cihazlarınıza. Your style Yansıtmanızı Sağlayan AparatlarÜrünün package content waterproof case, underwater diving or surfing as well as records of your records to safely. Product bisikletlere easily which allows you to mount handlebar mount apparatus as well as 4 different mounting bracket and clip is action camcorder anywhere you wish by fixing creative images help you achieve. The product together from bandage through action by fixing on your camcorder, your records first-person view angle (FPP) can with. Piranha Action Camera 12 Mp Hd Video Recording Waterproof Case product, 27x26x26mm dimensions through more place kaplamayarak small bags easily even transportable. Product 60g weight, action camcorder where sabitlemiş wherever you are made with light weight activity zorlaştırmıyor. Product available in your handlebar bracket including 5 different of mounting bracket, water proof case, bandage, battery, USB cable, warranty card and instruction manual belgesinden consisting of 11 parçalık package content while action camera many very in activity, different shapes using imkânı.

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