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MAD Gaze X5 AR glasses The World’s Most Advanced Smart Glass with built in navigation translator and camera function AR Glasses

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  • Description

    Device: X5
    Operating System: Android 5.1
    CPU: 1.3 GHz Quad Core
    Sensors: 3-axis gyro, Accelerometer Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor
    RAM: 2 GB
    Capacity: 32 GB
    Display: 800×480 (WVGA), see-through display
    Audio: 3.5mm Stereo Audio
    Camera: 8M pixels, Video playback: 1080P
    WiFi & Bluetooth: 802.11 b/g/n/ac, 4.0 LE
    Position: GPS and Glonass
    Battery: 600 mAh
    Connection: Micro-USB USB2.0
    Control: 4 key button, Multi-touch panel, Microphone
    Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

    Product description

    Features & details
    There is an auto-translate application that translate everything the glass see into the language of your choice
    Features GPS Navigation
    The World’s Most Advanced Smart Glass

    MAD Gaze X5: The World’s Most Advanced Smart Glass Wearable tech glass that you see the world the best way- your way. We know what you’re thinking. Wearable tech glasses were revealed to the market a couple years ago by a big name company and, well, let’s just say it the product didn’t soar. So, why even bother with this product? The answer is simple. We can do it better and make it way more affordable. We believe MAD Gaze can ease and amplify everyday life. This generation needs a product that uses the world’s most advanced technology to not only make lives more convenient, but also enhanced. Our young, energetic group worked passionately to create an easy-to-use, stimulating product that transforms traditional 2D graphics into an exciting 3D experience. 4 Major Functions of MAD Gaze Instant Translation – Ever walk around a foreign country and have no idea what is going on? MAD Gaze is going to fix that for you. There is an auto-translate application that translate everything the glass see into the language of your choice. You’ll never want to travel without your MAD Gaze. Social – MAD Gaze allows users to make phone calls, text, send multimedia to contacts, access personal data assistant (PDA) and play any media. Seeing as this is the main reason people are on their smart phones all the time, by replacing that phone with MAD Gaze, a lot more time will be spent looking up. Entertainment & Games – Imagine playing your favorite game not having to look down at the screen, or using AR+ to play games where your surrounding real world interacts with you. Suddenly, the game becomes more interactive than idle. The world is enriched. MAD Gaze takes gaming to a whole new, more exciting and entertaining level. As a player, you truly feel in game. GPS Navigation – The GPS on MAD Gaze will ensure you never get lost. With the map and directions right in front of you.

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