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LANBENA Face Cleanser VC Whitening Cleansing Facial Foam Acne Treatment Repair Ectoin 24K Gold Peptide Anti Aging Skin Care 100g

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  • Description

    LANBENA Acne Treatment Facial Cleanser Oligopeptide Effective Anti Acne Oil Free Mild Dense Foam Unclog Pores Clear Breakouts

    LANBENA 24k Gold Peptide Facial Cleanser

    Multiple Functions to Create Clear and Smooth Skin
    Balance water and oil
    Regulates the skin’s oil balance, leaving the skin refreshed, moisturized and elastic.
    Dense foam
    The delicate milky texture is smooth and light, leaving the skin delicate and transparent.
    Gentle cleansing
    Amino acids gently clean pores, leaving the skin moisturized and soft.

    LANBENA Anti-Acne Facial Cleanser

    Oligopeptide can remove acnes and repair your skin
    It can help your skin repair some problems and relieve acnes and marks.

    Amino acid can nourish and cleanse your face
    The fine and soft ingredient is natural, gentle free from irritants.

    Double ingredients for repairing effects
    They can repair skin damages and make your skin healthy.

    In-depth cleansing without discomfort
    In can enter pores for weak acid and moisturizing effects.

    LANBENA Ectoin facial cleanser
    Soothing to repair, suitable for sensitive skin
    1.Ectoin Anti-Allergy Repair Ability
    Deeply moisten and repair skin
    Resist skin damages from external environment
    2.Amino acid face wash
    With potassium cocoyl glycinate
    Mild facial cleanser without irritation
    3.Dense and rich foaming
    Work with foam net
    Create exquisite lather just like cream

    LANBENA VC Facial Cleanser

    Protect the sebum from being damaged
    Making your skin watery and smooth

    Free from soap base
    Your skin is cleansed with lauric acid molecules and the foam can reach the pores for thorough effects without residues
    Your skin will be watery without discomfort
    Collagen can make your skin stay hydrated and moisturized
    The vegetal VC can whiten your skin
    VC can effectively prohibit the activity of tyrosinase and impede melanin to improve dark skin
    It is gentle free from irritants
    Rich in vegetal ingredients and make your skin burdenless

    Active amino acid foam
    It can remove grease and impurities for gentle moisturizing free from discomfort.
    Zero fluorescent agent
    Zero lead or mercury
    Zero hormone
    Zero fluorescent agent

    Gentle foam for in-depth cleaning
    The micron-le vel Oligopeptide foam can enter pores for cleaning
    To reduce excessive friction for gentle skin care

    PH test
    Tear-free formula for sensitive skin
    The average PH value of human beings is 5.8, weak acid
    The PH value of LANBENA Anti-Acne Facial Cleanser is close to that of human beings for better cleansing effects
    The PH value is about 6

    My face is oily every day. The cleanser has wonderful cleansing effects for oil control. I feel comfortable after using it. A perfect match for people of oily skin!
    — Jennifer

    As a person with acnes, I use a product with gentle cleansing effects. With oligopeptide amino acid, it can provide comfortable feelings and remarkable effects. The vegetal formula is perfect for my skin! My acnes have been greatly improved after using it for some time.
    — Calanni

    How to Use
    Get some water and wet your face; get a proper amount in your palm, massage your hands with water to produce foam; smear it to your face and massage for one minute; wash your face with clean water.

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