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560W Kitchen Garbage Disposal Crusher Food Waste Disposers Stainless Dteel Grinder Appliances

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    Attention to all buyers: if you have any problems with the goods, please contact us to solve them. Sometimes there will be errors, such as some parts are damaged or missing in the transportation, but we can resend them. If you like bad comments and disputes, please do not order. About tariffs: if you choose to ship goods from China, the goods you order are imported products, so you may need to pay tariffs. However, the customs policies of each country / region are different, and we are unable to provide customs clearance and prepayment services, so if you have requirements for declaration, please contact me. If you refuse customs clearance, please do not order, or choose to ship from overseas warehouse. Before purchasing a garbage disposal, please read: 1) The power of this red garbage processor is 560W. Before, a batch of machines failed to correct the power printing errors when producing labels. As a result, some customers showed 370W parameters on the labels after receiving the goods. However, the machine is indeed 560W. At present, the labels have been corrected on the machines in stock. 2) When you receive the garbage processor, please install the machine according to the instructions and videos, and then test it. Do not run it without installing the machine, because it is a bad attempt for the machine, and it will not reflect any effect. If there are any problems in the installation process, please contact us, we will help you solve the problem, we also believe in your excellent practical ability. 3) About the power measured by the buyer himself: the power of the machine is divided into no-load and load. The no-load of 560W machine is about 200W, while the no-load of 370W machine is about 95-98w. The data will not be exactly the same. In the process of use, you will find that the power of the machine is completely strong enough. 4) About the use of the remote control: the machine needs to use the air switch when it is started for the first time. The remote control will automatically match the machine. If the remote control doesn’t work, please check the battery or contact me for a replacement or refund. 5) Please pay attention to the buyer who ordered from the Russian overseas warehouse. If the pointed plug parts in the machine are found to be damaged after receiving the goods, it should be caused by the staggering during transportation. Please do not raise any dispute immediately. This is the plug of the garbage disposal. Its function is to poke the food garbage into the machine. We can replace it with other tools at home. We can reissue or refund it Spare parts, so please contact me in time. 6) Usually, our machine will be checked and debugged before shipment to ensure that the machine is in good condition when it arrives at the buyer. If the buyer has broken the package after receiving it, please provide photos and contact me in time. We will give a reasonable and perfect solution or compensation. Garbage processor Product capacity: 1200ml Running power: 560W Voltage frequency: 220V/50HZ Size (Height*Diameter): 320*200mm Net weight: 5.5KG No-load speed: 2700r/min Operation method: air switch/wireless switch High-Quality & Durable Materials: By adopting high-quality ABS engineering plastics and stainless steel, the food garbage disposal eliminates leakage or electric shock and, avoids bacteria efficiently. Heavy-duty steel grind blade makes garbage small enough. This unit lasts a long time on any condition. You don’t need to operate it for more than 5 minutes each time. Safe & Multi-Functional Disposal: The splash baffler at the top prevents your fingers from being hurt and avoid garbage splashes. It is removable and easy to clean. Three-point locking feature reduces vibration and adds firmness. This food garbage disposal can deal with various kinds of food garbage with ease and can be connected to both single and double sink, meeting your various needs. Furthermore, it has a dishwasher connector which works more cost-effectively together with your dishwasher. Easy Assembly & Convenient Use: As the power cord is preinstalled, it saves installation steps and your money to buy an extra cord. You can install and use the machine with ease using the instructions manual. It takes less than five minutes each time to make a neat and tidy kitchen, which frees your hands from grabbing the smelly food garbage. Air Switch & Overload Protection: One bottom solves the kitchen garbage. The air switch utilizes the pneumatic principle, makes it easier and safer to start the machine. The reset overload protector at the bottom protects the motor when its overloaded, overheated, and so on, extending the life of the motor, so please keep it touchable when install. Our Advantage: One: A special alloy hammer crushing technology, ordinary garbage can of food waste processor on the crushing disk alloy hammer, the hammer, cutting, tearing and grinding four movements crushed garbage, garbage can according to the strength, automatically adjust the working position. In addition to metal, stone, ceramics, glass and other hard objects of non kitchen waste, the general garbage can be handled. Two: grinding wheel, grinding wheel adds two reinforcing ribs and a reinforcing strip, improving wear resistance of the grinding disc, unique function crushed, so that all waste to special grinding fineness, users never worry for pipeline blockage! After grinding, coarse and fine of two kinds of automatic garbage separation through the filter holes, into a slurry of fine waste flowing into a liquid inflow pipe; coarse waste will stop to smash on the cutter disc, forming powder, with the water inflow pipeline. One work for more than ten seconds. Three, low noise by crushing grinding disc. Equilibrium point of the alloy, with a good balance of performance and stability, low motor noise, anti vibration ability. Four, set up a motor overload protection overload protection system, a foreign body stuck, protection system will start to stop the electrical power supply and not to burn out the motor, if the motor is in protection state, need to remove hard object stuck off garbage processor, and then press the reset button in front can be fast and convenient! Five, food waste processor adopts air switch. Anti leakage, improve the safety performance. Six, easy to install: simple and convenient, through the installation of visual screen, a look will be, 5 minutes to get, without professionals.

    * Read for all buyers: As shown in the figure, the garbage disposer is distinguished from the appearance, and there are two styles: threaded type and three-point type. Their functions and power are exactly the same, but the installation method is different, so the appearance is a bit different. The machines we have prepared in overseas warehouses in Russia are threaded machines, so the machines shipped from Russia are threaded machines. Initially, when we sold this threaded machine, some buyers reported that they hoped that the installation of the machine would be simple and convenient. This threaded machine is very convenient to install. If the buyer does not install it, I can send the installation video via email. However, our machines are constantly being optimized, so the appearance has been changed. For better promotion, the main picture of our product page has been modified to a three-point machine. Once the stock in overseas warehouses in Russia is sold out, we will focus on selling three-point machines in the future. It will also allow more buyers to accept three-point machines. (The three-point installation video is on the product page) * Читайте для российских покупателей: Как показано на рисунке, измельчитель мусора отличается по внешнему виду и имеет два стиля: винтовой и трехточечный. Их функции и мощность точно такие же, но метод установки отличается, поэтому внешний вид немного отличается. Машины, которые мы подготовили на зарубежных складах в России, являются резьбовыми, поэтому машины, отправленные из России, являются резьбовыми. Изначально, когда мы продавали этот резьбовой станок, некоторые покупатели сообщали, что надеются, что установка станка будет простой и удобной. Этот резьбовой станок очень удобен в установке, если покупатель не установит его, я могу отправить видео по установке по электронной почте. Тем не менее, наши машины постоянно оптимизируются, поэтому внешний вид был изменен. Для лучшего продвижения основное изображение нашей страницы продукта было изменено на трехточечную машину. После того, как запасы на зарубежных складах в России будут распроданы, мы будем сосредоточиться на продаже трехточечных станков в будущем. Это также позволит большему количеству покупателей принимать трехточечные станки. (Трехточечное видео по установке находится на странице продукта) * 한국 바이어를위한 글 : 그림에서 볼 수 있듯이 쓰레기 처리기는 외관과 구별되며 나사 식과 3 점식의 두 가지 스타일이 있습니다. 기능과 힘은 똑같지 만 설치 방법이 다르기 때문에 외관이 조금 다릅니다. 러시아 해외 창고에서 준비한 기계는 나사 가공 기계이므로 러시아에서 출하되는 기계는 나사 가공 기계입니다. 처음에 우리가이 나사산 기계를 판매했을 때 일부 구매자는 기계 설치가 간단하고 편리하기를 희망한다고보고했습니다. 이 나사산 기계는 설치가 매우 편리하며 구매자가 설치하지 않으면 이메일로 설치 영상을 보낼 수 있습니다. 그러나 당사의 기계는 지속적으로 최적화되고있어 외관이 변경되었습니다. 더 나은 프로모션을 위해 제품 페이지의 메인 화면을 3 점 기계로 수정했습니다. 러시아 해외 창고의 재고가 매진되면 당사는 향후 3 점 기계 판매에 주력 할뿐만 아니라 더 많은 구매자가 3 점 기계를 수용 할 수있게 될 것입니다. (3 점 설치 영상은 제품 페이지에 있습니다.)

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