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50Pcs Chin Neck Firming V Face Double Lifting Tightening Shaping Ear Hook Mask Skin Care Moisturizing Face Lift Masks TSLM1

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    1*Stretching and firming, comfortable and breathable elastic membrane cloth, the essence and the membrane cloth are not separated, the elasticity is tight, and the face skin is firm

    2*V face shaping, three-dimensional cutting, firming and lifting the skin

    3* Moisturizing and Repairing, which uses hexapeptide core ingredients to repair skin and promote collagen absorption.

    4*Double V design makes the essence more close to the skin and the lifting effect is more significant

    Proper use of the effect will do more with less

    STEP 1 After cleansing, remove the mask from the bag and uncover the pearl escent film

    STEP 2 Stretch the gel mask to a suitable length and apply it directly to the cheek

    STEP 3 Pull the two ends to the ear and hang them from top to bottom, and adjust the position

    STEP 4 Gently massage your hands to make them fit perfectly on your face

    STEP 5 After using  for 4-8 hours, remove the mask and massage until absorbed, no need to clean.


    Brand: KEITH BROWN

    Product category: jelly

    Product Series: Lifting and Firming Lug Mask

    Core component: hexapeptide

    Skin Type: General

    Function: Lifting face shape, creating V face, firming skin

    Package Included:

    50 *lifting mask


    1. Use the chin patch immediately after opening the package.

    2. Avoid using on sensitive skin.

    3. Store in a refrigerated place.

    4. Keep away from children.

    5. Use only outside the chin.

    The effect of the chin patch will vary according to age and body type.

    6. It is recommended to use 3-4 times a week for best result

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