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50/100g Tourmaline Ceramic Ball Filter Media Stone for Shrimp Aquarium Tanks

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    The energy ball is main ingredient is tourmaline which can improve the water PH; it is the physical reaction, not a chemical reaction. Potential negative is produced by the weak ionization from the link between function material Mg and water. Negative ion could make some weak radiation, because its raw material is negative ion powder which is semiconductor materials.
    Tourmaline releases 0.06mA bioelectricity in the water and electrolyze bigger molecule group of water into smaller or single one so as to activate water. Eradiate more than 90% FIR (far infrared ray).Generate above 350p/cm3 anion. Make water presented alkalescency (PH is 7-7.5).Anti-bacteria and deodorization. Release mineral microelements.]
    Size :6mm in diameter.
    Conversions:1cm=0.03937 inch,1 inch= 2.54cm
    Color : Grey black.
    Production negative ion.
    Reducing the beam of water molecules.
    Radiating far infrared (4-14 micron wave length infrared)
    Containing the effectively minerals.
    Package Included :
    50/100g Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

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