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250pcs Nature Terminalia Catappa Foetida Almond Leaves Water Filter Aquarium Fish Tank Breeding Shrimp Snails Catfish Ornament

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    250 pcs Grade A Natural Terminalia Catappa Foetida Leaves-Tank water filter 
    Ideal for shimp, bettas, discus, gouramis, killiefish, terras, arowana , angelfish, South American dwarf cichlids,
    Corys,Plecos,some rasboras some cat-fishes and crustaceans.
    Using 2 leaves per 50 L (13 gallons) of water is recommended but be prepared to adjust the dosage to suit your particular fish.
    Some Betta keepers routinely use to 2 leaves per 15 L (4 gallons) of water in their everyday tanks. Betta breeders normally use 
    1 leaf per 20 L (5 gallons) of water in breeding tanks. In fry rearing tanks, using 1 leaf per 40 L (10 gallons) of water is recommended.
    1 helps to inhibit bacteria to cause disease in fish .
    2 helps to prevent parasites to come.
    3 helps to reduce stress to the fish .
    4 assists in wound healing Because it contains tannins that are jewels in wound healing .
    5 to help accelerate the beautifully colored fish .
    6 helps to adjust the PH of the water.
    7 For many fish species it feels just like home. Leaves and leaf litter makes the environment more natural.
    8 Very nice for fish and invertebrates to nibble on between meals.
    50pcs leaves measurement 10-25cm
    Please note that thse are 100% natual leaves. There might be a slight breakage on the leaves during transportation, but it does not affect its function and usage. Hope you can understand.

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