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10 vials 3 Color Korean Glow BB Lips Ampoule Serum Kit BB Lip Serum Pigment BB Cream Set for Lip Gloss MTS Mesotherapy Treatment

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  • Description

    Set for Lip Gloss MTS Mesotherapy Treatment

    To keep the color and prolong the duration,
    1. Apply repair cream twice a day (morning and night) for 3~5 days2) Apply LIP-TINT consistently
    2. Duration of a session : Average two weeks (depends on skin type and after care)* Best recommended treatment cycle to keep the colors clear and long
    3. Total 3~4 sessions (1~2 weeks of interval between each session)
    4. The interval period should be decided regarding condition of customer’s lips

    1. Exfoliating before procedure can enhance procedure result.Remove the dead skin clearly before having procedure.
    2. After-care is also very important to get the best result.Keep the lips moisturized after having procedure.
    3. Duration and color appearance can be different from each skin types.
    4. Color can disappear more quickly than expected if it’s first time.In this case, watch the condition of lips for 1 -2 weeks and takeadditional procedure.
    5. Do not let the pigment and serum touch with skin other than lips.It is very hard to erase because of strong color tinting strength.
    6. To prevent this, apply cleansing gel around the lips before procedure.
    7. Duration of color can be affected by personal life habits and diet.

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